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Nurses Job Vacancy In Qatar Petroleum

Posted by Shifali Bansal Sunday, June 7, 2009

Working at oil company you will get many benefit, high salary, full insurance, accommodation such as houses and transportation. Recently Qatar Petroleum held for jobs vacancies for the medical staff, especially jobs vacancy for the nurses.

In order to replace job position that leave by the nurses who resigned from their company because of age's limit, continuing education, jump to others countries such as America and Austria, and other reason. The company put a recruitment for the nurses those want to join and work with them to fill the job vacancy for the position bellow ;

  1. General Nurse
  2. Senior Nurse
  3. Nurse Practitioner
Job Qualification for General Nurse :

  • Must possess the minimum of Diploma in Nursing, duration of which must be a minimum of three (3) years.
  • Show evidence of current Nursing Registration in country of origin.
  • ACLS, ITLS provider desirable
  • Minimum two (2) years general nursing experience.
  • Accident and Emergency (or department specific) experience would be advantageous

Job Qualification for Senior Nurse :

  • Registered Nurse/minimum 3yr certificated training.(essential)
  • Additional professional qualification such as ACLS, (preferred)
  • ILS (intermediate life support) (essential)
  • Experience of Leadership in acute care and or primary care (preferred)
  • Working knowledge of IT systems such as Microsoft Word. (preferred)
  • Minimum 3 years post registration experience (essential).
  • Evidence of continued professional development (essential)

Job Qualification for Nurse Practitioner :

  • Nurse Practitioner 2-3 years certificated training or Specialist Nurse qualification or equivalent (essential)
  • Non-Medical/Independent prescribing certification (essential)
  • Registered Nurse/minimum 3 years certificated training or BSc in Nursing (essential).
  • ILS (intermediate Life Support) (essential)
  • Minimum 8 years Post registration experience.
  • Recent working experience of Nurse Practitioner practice and Chronic Disease Management.
  • Minimum 5 years experience as Chief Nurse or Senior Staff Nurse in a Primary Care setting.
  • Ability to motivate and organize others to ensure best practice.
  • Awareness of professional issues and recent developments in NHA and primary Care including Clinical Governance.
  • Accountability for clinical decision making.
  • Able to support the implementation of QP MS and National health Authorities agenda for health under the guidance of Corporate Nurse and MS.


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